Do we get to choose which pictures are black and white and which pictures are color?


I typically choose which images end up color and which images end up black and white.  The decision is mostly based on which looks better in my own opinion.  BUT, if there are some black and white images that you want to see in color, or visa-versa, I’m more than happy to accommodate.


How many photos will be black and white and how many color?


Left to my own devices, I typically make half color and half black and white, though I’ve been getting into more color lately.  But it’s totally up to you.


Do you do group portraits/family photos?


Of course!


What’s the advantage of two photographers?


Having two photographers takes off a lot of pressure for me.  It’s inevitable that I’m going to miss a shot from time to time.  Having that second photographer helps eliminates that.

Also, concerning the getting ready shots, it’s nice to have a photographer with each of you instead of one photographer going from one to the other.

But sometimes two photographers just doesn’t make sense.  Especially with really small weddings and small areas.  Then we just end up getting in each others photos, and even end up being a slight nuisance.

If you’re not sure, I would love to help you decide on what’s right for your wedding.


How much are travel fees?


I only charge for travel if I have to buy a plane ticket or get a hotel room.


Do you do more traditional photos or are they all artistic and abstract?


Yes.  I do family photos and a mix of artistic and straight forward images.  If you want to see a full wedding to get a good sense of what you’ll get, let me know and I’ll happily share as many as you want to see.


Will we be able to order prints?


Yes.  If you check out one of the full weddings, you’ll see how convenient it is to order prints.


Can we have the full resolution files?


Absolutely.  You’ll get a thumb drive with the full resolution files.


Are there any limitations to what we can do with our photos?


Nope.  Please share on social media!  Just don’t sell them.  Not that you’d have any reason to.


Can we see the rest of the pictures from the wedding?


Any given wedding, we take around 4,000 to 8,000 images.  Trust me, you don’t want all of those files.  I carefully edit it down to 600 to 1,000 images, depending on the package you choose.  Then I manipulate the colors, the contrast, dodge and burn, clone stamp, etc.  I don’t like to give out unedited photos because I take great pride in the final product.

If you want more photos, I’m happy to tone more for you.  There’s an option to buy an additional 100 photos in my price list.

Also, if there’s one or two people in particular that you were hoping to have a photo of that weren’t included in the original edit, let me know and I’ll find them and give you a couple of photos of them.


Can we have the raw files?


Sorry, no.  It’s fairly standard practice for photographers to not give out raw files.


Do you do video?


I’m still debating whether or not I want to get into video.


Who is your second photographer?


I have access to a very large and incredible network of wedding photographers in New York that I call upon when looking for a second photographer.  I choose a photographer that best fits my style from a list of those who are available.


Do you do anything besides weddings?


Yes, to see my personal work, visit www.jamesautery.com.  If you like what you see, I’d love to shoot more like this style of work.